Corporate Social Responsibility

Corporate Social Responsibility is about supporting and developing the communities in which we operate. The Maritime Financial Group understands the importance of being a good corporate citizen and is committed to executing its business in ways that benefit our communities, our Clients and our stakeholders.

CSR Year-in-Review 2016
CSR Year-in-Review 2015

CSR Year-in-Review 2014

 The Maritime Financial Group makes all business decisions with social, economic, environmental and ethical considerations in mind. The Group’s Corporate Social Responsibility is premised on the following:

  • Providing top class service to our Clients to ensure that they receive the best financial advice
  • Conducting all business ethically
  • Aiming to be the employer of choice
  • Satisfying shareholder expectations
  • Honouring environmental standards
  • Playing an active role in furthering the wellbeing of the communities in which we operate

shutterstock_110304977The Maritime Financial Group has decided to focus its Corporate Social Responsibility efforts on empowering and improving the lives of children in Trinidad and Tobago. While we understand that there are numerous causes that warrant support, we have decided to focus our Corporate Social Responsibility efforts on improving the lives of children through sustainable youth-focused development and fundraising initiatives. This allows us to focus our efforts, to really affect change and make a difference.


shutterstock_70105486The youth development project is called “Our Children, Our Future”. We believe that the development of our children is pivotal to our development as a country and as a people.  Maritime will work alongside organisations with the same vision to raise funds, spread awareness and mentor kids in our communities.