Health and Major Medical

Providing coverage when you need it most

The ADmed product finances unexpected major medical bills at an affordable price. This is not a basic health plan. It is the combination of life insurance with critical illness coverage plus a major medical plan which guarantees benefits up to age 70.

The main features of the ADmed plan include the following:

  • The ADmed Card which guarantees instant admittance to accredited private hospitals 
  • Surgical Benefit: This benefit will be paid whenever you undergo a surgical operation that is medically necessary and appropriate, invasive and requires a surgical incision. A specific amount will be paid, depending on the type of surgery required.
  • Hospital Diagnostics Benefit: This benefit will be payable if you incur expenses for room and board, diagnostic lab tests/X-rays, machine testing or hospital ancillary services at a hospital in respect of diagnostic services as a result of accident, emergency or sickness on a Doctor’s recommendation
  • Accident & Emergency Services Benefit: This benefit is payable if you incur expenses at a hospital in respect of medical services required as a result of accident or emergency. This benefit covers the first 48 hours of expenses, up to the benefit maximum.
  • Dread Disease Acceleration Benefit: This critical illness benefit is payable on diagnosis of a heart attack, stroke, cancer, coronary artery disease requiring surgery, renal failure, paralysis/paraplegia, major organ transplant, heart valve replacement, multiple sclerosis, terminal illness, major burns, coma and total and permanent disability. The Dread Disease benefit is only payable once
  • Death Benefit: This benefit is payable on death, to your beneficiary. The amount payable will be the amount assured under the ADmed Death Benefit less any ADmed Dread Disease Acceleration Benefit previously paid or payable.