The following information should assist you in making a claim:

  • In the event that a loss occurs through a criminal act e.g. theft, malicious damage etc., the Police should be informed immediately.

  • Take steps to protect your property from further loss or damage but DO NOT DISCARD OR DESTROY any of it before your insurer and the Police view it.

  • Report the loss promptly to your insurer and complete the Relevant Loss Report Form giving full details of the incident and items lost or destroyed.

  • Usually your insurer will arrange for a loss adjuster/investigator to investigate, quantify and agree that legitimate claims presented. Please give the adjuster/investigator your full co-operation and assistance so that the matter can be quickly resolved.

  • Your insurer will discuss settlement of the claim under the terms of your policy based on their assessment of the damages.

  • Where you are not the negligent party in the accident we will proceed to recover from the liable party’s insurer.  You are obligated to co-operate in this regard. When a full recovery is made you will be refunded your uninsured losses and your NCD (No Claim Discount) would be reinstated.

  • Should you receive any letter, writ or other documents in connection with any claim you must ensure these are forwarded immediately to your insurer.