Highlights of Our History

1961: The establishment of Maritime’s presence in the Trinidad and Tobago financial market when Maritime Life Assurance of Halifax, Canada commenced business through a Branch operation.

1971: Maritime Life (Caribbean) Limited was incorporated as a local subsidiary.

1972: Maritime Life (Caribbean) Limited opened its doors for business.

1975: Maritime Life (Caribbean) Limited expanded and acquired Maritime Life Property Development Company Limited. Maritime Life Property Development Company Limited was subsequently renamed Keystone Property Developers Limited and undertakes large scale commercial property development

1977: Maritime Life (Caribbean) Limited became the first foreign life insurance company to be locally controlled, with 74.2% of the company’s shares being owned by nationals.

1978: Maritime Life formed a joint partnership with the Insurance Company of North America and that joint company became known as Maritime INA.  Eventually Maritime Life (Caribbean) Limited became the major shareholder and the name was changed to Maritime General Insurance Company Limited. Maritime Life (Caribbean) Limited  now owns 100% of Maritime General.

1981: Maritime Residences Limited was formed.

1983: Marked a very important year in the company’s life as Maritime Life Assurance Company sold the balance of its holding, passing total ownership into the hands of nationals of Trinidad and Tobago.

1985: Maritime Leasing Company Limited, another subsidiary was established to specialize in the financing and leasing of equipment to corporate citizens. The first payment of dividends to Maritime Life shareholders is made in this year.

1988: The Maritime Financial Group was established.  This solidified the   direction in which the company had been moving over the years, and was in keeping with its corporate mission – to provide complete financial services to all spheres of the community on a sound and economically feasible basis.

1989: Fidelity Finance and Leasing Company Limited, whose primary focus is lending and medium and long term investment planning, began operating  as a financial institution licensed under the Financial Institution Act 1979.

1998: Nettletons Limited, a subsidiary handling the Group retail operations, trading as Food Giant Supermarket began operations.
The Maritime Centre in Barataria opened and the Corporate Offices of the Group were relocated from Chancery Lane in Port of Spain.

1999: The establishment of the Chaguanas, Marabella ,Tobago and  San Fernando Financial Services Centres.

2005: Establishment of North East and North West Financial Services Centres in Maritime Centre.

2008 to present: Opening of South Regional Centre on Cipero Street San Fernando, which houses the relocated San Fernando Service Centre and the Point Lisas Branch operations.